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The Next Level is a semi-step up built for tubes, full rail carves and critical top to bottom surfing for the recreational surfer to the professional.

Designed with sensitive rails and a single to deep double concave through the tail rocker for steep and powerful beach breaks, points and reefs. The Next Level also excels in mid-size waves due to careful distribution of foam and volume for paddle, drive and stability.

Product Description:

  • Drive Speed 5/5.
  • Wave Height 2-8 Ft.
  • Movability 4/5.
  • Paddle Power 4/5.
  • Ability Intermediate to Expert.
  • Next Level Dim
  • Each board is made to order, allow 3-6 weeks for manufacture & delivery.

Fin Setup


3-fin Thruster = $ 0


5-fin Option = $ 20

Fin Type

FCSII  or Futures
Fin type

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