Sustainable Surfboards

We build surfboards! Not just any surfboards but, industry leading eco-friendly surfboards.  

Eco Evo Surf is on a mission to reduce surfing’s carbon footprint and offer performance equal to, if not greater than your typical surfboard.    

All of our surfboard designs and products embrace and promote core principles of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” for a more circular and sustainable economy.  

We take careful consideration of applying these principles as best as we can in the products we design, manufacture and promote.   

Commercially built surfboards are quite toxic and harmful to the environment. Each board generates around 400 pounds of CO₂ and there are over a million boards made each year.    

As surfers we are attuned to the ocean, mother-nature and the environment. That is why at Eco Evo Surf, we are on a mission to create surfboards that are sustainable and reduce surfing’s carbon footprint, while providing uncompromised performance. info 3

It all started with our surfboard blanks - Our blanks are a tightly fused, high density Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) blanks, that are made up of between 65% to 25% recycled content. The blanks use proven product for performance, strength, and the goal towards a more sustainable surfboard, as approved by the Eco board project. EPS is the only recyclable foam used in high performance surfboards and the waste is used in the production of new EPS, PU foam waste is not recyclable.  Some facts about enviro-foam:
  • Stronger board due to tight fusion between the beads.
  • Cleaner look, Easier to shape due to the tightly fused beads that do not fall apart.
  • Eco-Board Approved by Sustainable Surf.
Flax fibre is the fibre of the future and is one of the most sustainable fibres in the world. Flax Fibre is already widely used in composites for multiple industries as a sustainable alternative to glass with similar properties to Fibreglass and a far less carbon footprint, it is also recyclable and biodegradable. Some facts about Flax:
  • This plant really loves CO2. With a little help of the sun, flax plants on one hectare absorb more than a 3,7 metric tons of carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. 
  • Like all-natural fibres, you can recycle or compost flax. Moreover, flax has a natural colour with a beautiful earthy look and feel.
  • Compared to its CO2absorption, the plant needs very little water. It has also very few natural enemies, making the use of pesticides obsolete.
The materials use low-twist technology to provide a combination of sustainability, performance and process ability not previously seen in composites, in comparison to fibre glass. Our Flax Cloth offers reduced weight, improved environmental impact, vibration damping, similar specific stiffness, and safer handling. Flax cloth has great flex and strength qualities giving our surfboard designs added performance and strength while keeping weight down.  
    The New Basalt fibre stringer is an innovative rail and stringer tape that is woven with Basalt for reinforcement of surf, SUPs, kite, and sail boards. Just like carbon fibre stringers, we use Basalt on the top and bottom of our surfboards as standard. Wait…what is basalt fibre? Basalt Fibre is made from a hard, dense, volcanic molten rock.  It provides a middle ground between glass and carbon.  Basalt fibre is naturally UV resistant, and can maintain its physical integrity in stressful situations. Some facts about Basalt fibre:
    • It can reduce chatter as Basalt has a dampening property.
    • Strong impact protection – will not shatter like carbon fibre
    • High tensile strength
    • It generally flexes more than carbon
    • It is a strong and responsive stringer

      We use Bio epoxy resin in our laminating process.

      It is a patented process, non-carcinogenic Bio Epoxy with a market leading 77% Bio Content. No other Epoxy Resin currently on the market in the world today can make this claim.

      Some facts about Bio Resin:

      • Low VOC (odourless and contains no solvents)
      • BPA free (contains no bis-phenols)
      • UV stable (clear application & does not yellow)
      • Extremely hard, 54 MPA (tensile)
      • Utilizes waste glycerol​
      • 100% renewable source resin
      • Organic – technically its vegan

      Due to the attributes above, the Bio based resin doubles the products life expectancy, meaning it actually saves you money in the long run.

      We continue to work with organizations to increase the level of bio content, without compromising quality. They recently developing a world first bio based hardener, which we are begin to test for our product range.

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        It means that by carefully selecting and implementing nontoxic and sustainable materials and manufacturing processes we can achieve a highly performance surfboards that will outperform and outlast a traditional PU/ glass surfboard for around the same cost as an quality Australian made surfboard all while significantly reducing our environmental impact to a fraction of that of traditional methods. Flax fibre and epoxy boards are also stronger and more ding resistant meaning your investment lasts longer, it won’t ding, buckle or break as easily. This means ultimately it costs you less than a cheap foreign made surfboard as our boards will last on average 3 times longer than a traditional PU/ fibre glass surfboard equivalent.

        Help us work towards the conservation of our planet and ocean playground so that we can ensure a long-term future for our surfing lifestyle and a pristine ocean environment for all.

        Buy an Eco board today!