Waves of Wellness Foundation

More commonly known as WOW, we’re a mental health and surf therapy charity, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing through our range of innovative programs.

These programs break down the barriers and stigma that prevent people from being well. Get wet and have a good time, we say. It’s simple enough, but the message runs deeper: it’s OK not to be OK, and you don’t have to – ever – go it alone. 

We believe dealing with mental health is not just about dealing with crisis, but also about finding healthy outlets for people who are struggling, recovering and doing fine. By facilitation conversations and connection and by increasing awareness, we want to change the way mental health is viewed and treated.


WOW is expanding programs nationally, addressing the need for innovative solutions in the mental health space. To date, we have run 88 programs, directly impacting the lives of over 1000 people through specialised surf therapy programs. We’ve also spread to 3 states around Australia (with plans to go further!).

From humble beginnings, our first ever pilot program with OneWave, another great mental health awareness community, saw 10 people complete the program with incredible results. Ever since, we’ve been perfecting our surf therapy programs to what they are today. It’s a way of making mental health support accessible to the broader community, providing additional outreach, resources and people power to create long lasting impact.

It’s surf therapy at its best.