Volume Calculator

Below is a breakdown of how you can calculate the ideal volume for your next board. 

Multiply your weight by the decimal factor and it will provide the ideal volume in liters (L).

  • Beginner: Body weight in kg x 0.78 = Ideal volume for beginner in liters
  • Intermediate: Body weight in kg x 0.45 = Ideal volume for intermediate in liters
  • Advanced: Body weight in kg x 0.34 = Ideal volume for advanced in liters

For example: A beginner with a body weight (BW) of 70 kilograms (Kg) would do the following, 70kg x 0.78 = 54.6L

Further, if you're in between either of the skill levels you can half the difference. For example: You're moving from intermediate to advanced, consider the a multiplying your weight by (+/-) 0.38.