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The F3 was developed by taking all the best parts of the Flax Fish & the Flyer; hence the name F3 (Flax Fish Flyer).

We've taken away that biscuity shape and skatey feel, to bring you a timeless template that glides with style and speed through a greater range of waves.

This board has an incredible volume per inch ratio, through the use of staged rails. The swallow tail has been deepened for stability. The lean rocker and almost flat bottom contours makes for easy entry into waves, while increasing glide and speed.  The F3 come with the option of a twin or quad setup and brings out the epidemy of style when its racing down the line.

Product Description:

  • Drive Speed 5/5.
  • Wave Height 1-4 Ft.
  • Movability 3/5.
  • Paddle Power 5/5.
  • Ability Novice to Expert.

Note: The board in the product images was made with a recycled foam blank, recycled plastic cloth & bio based epoxy resin, as a component experiment. Please know that the board you order will be made with a standard formula; of recycled foam blank, flax cloth & bio based epoxy resin

Fin Setup

2-fin Twin

4-fin Quad 

Fin Type

FCSII  or Futures


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