Recently I received an enquiry from our website asking how is it sustainable?  

We embrace a principle of sustainability in the components we use to build our boards. Whether it be a recycled foam blanks, flax cloth inlay or a bio based resin, each aspect is designed to have a positive circular approach.

There is no short answer but we try to avoid chewing everyone's ear off explaining it, so I'm glad you asked. See below a very brief summary of how and why it is sustainable. 

When we consider sustainability at a deeper level, using bio based resin prevents leaching and waste from toxic resins into the ocean or landfill, as well as limits the exposure to the board builders themselves to carcinogenic effects of long term exposure to regular resins. In fact, some of our resins are  certified vegan, the only trade off is they take a lot longer to dry. In using bio based resins we are reducing the market for toxic resins and pushing producers to pursue cleaner products.
Flax cloth is developed from a plant/weed that requires very little energy or water to grow. Further, it absorbs large amounts of CO2 in comparison to other plants its size. And provides other benefits such as food, medicine, oil and yarn, which in some parts of the developing world are paramount to local economies.
Using recycled foam blanks extends the life of foam that is often used for packing, eskis, or even other surfboards, the foam from these items would end up in landfill. By giving foam a second life we are reducing its production of foam and its overall contribution to landfill. 
It's a small part in a big picture but you have to start somewhere right? One of the great outcomes is using these components is proving to have a longer product life than regular surfboards.
Hopefully this makes sense and helps paint a picture of the circular model we are trying our best to build around our brand.