Eco Evo Surfboards on Netflix!

Eco Evo Surfboards on Netflix!

This week I got some boards back from Victoria. They had spent the last 8 weeks on a Netflix set down at Torquay. They've been used as props for a Australian Netflix Series called Surviving Summer. Set to be released early next year.
To be honest I'm not quite sure what the shows about but my best guess would be surfing. Ha! 
Here is what I could find on Media Week.

Surviving SummerThe Surviving Summer Crew

A lot of people have been asking, "How we ended up on netflix!?" Or "Is it true!?". 
Well, it is true and here is how.

When we first started marketing the brand, Camm from The Spirit Of The Ocean reached out and we decided to partner up. 
**The Spirit Of The Ocean is funnel for distributing donation funds that focus on positive impacts for the planet, oceans and their ecosystems. 

Camm called me one day and said, "Do you want to have your boards on Netflix? I think they'd suit the scene beautifully. " Naturally I said "yes". The condition was they need to  be on set in Melbourne by Thursday. It was Tuesday! I was away and the boards were locked up in Sydney.
With a lot of calls, favors and pulled of strings, we got the boards there right on time. 
A massive thank you to Camm at The Spirit Of The Ocean!